Slothin Around

Physics-based action-adventure about a sloth rolling around in the jungle.

I'm working to develop this game in Unreal Engine 4. It's based on a game jam that I built in 2016. We've decided that because there was such a positive response to it that we should take it forward into a complete experience.

Tiny Quadropod

An experiment in how to drive gameplay through physics.

I built this experiment in Unreal Engine 4. The core of the gameplay revolves around a rolling physics-enabled quadropus with physically simulated tentacles. The simulation is driven by Unreal's built-in physics with some changes. The robustness of the simulation comes from very careful tuning and setup.

Sprite Sheet Render Assistant

You can download the script here, or you can find it on CreativeCrash here.

This MEL script renders an animated scene from any number of angles. The resultant images can then be stitched together into a sprite sheet for use in a 2D game.

Specular color and gloss map Unity Shader

You can download the shader here.

This shader allows you to use an RGBA specular color map to drive both the size and color of the specular highlight. RGB controls the color and the Alpha channel controls the specular exponent.

This shader also uses partial lambert lighting to give a nice, soft falloff when lit.

Scrolling UVs and Layered Textures Unity Shader

You can download the shader here, and the script here.

This shader extends my colored specular shader to allow the user to create layered textures with separate scrolling UVs.

Attach the script to an object using this shader and you are ready to set it up and go!